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Opening times: 8 A.M. – 12 A.M.


Forget about the daily stress and book your spot at our sauna. It has 16 seats available and all the accessories included for you to spend a special time here. The benefits of the sauna are that it strengthens the body and it’s immune system. It also works like a shield against allergies, colds, muscle pain and migraines.


Please bare in mind that booking are being takes at least 4 hours before!


Everyday stress is not at all pleasant for anyone’s health. Our SPA Centre offers you massage services that you can choose for a perfect relaxation. Depending on your needs, we can offer you different types of massage.


For our massage sessions, please book your spot beforehand.


Would you like to have the perfect tan, but the weather is not ideal, and the sun refuses to show up? Our SPA Centre offers you the possibility of using a sunbed in order to obtain your perfect tan in no time! The tan obtained by using a sunbed is more resilient and safe than by being exposed outside in the rays of the sun. (and without using any sunscreen) You will be able to relax deeply whilst your body is getting the tan it deserves.


Would you like to relax in our SPA Centre?


For any bookings at our SPA Centre please feel free to contact us!


 Phone: +40 368 435 012



You can choose to practice your Aerobics skills under the guidance of a personal trainer. Aerobics is a very healthy method for fat burning and for shaping you body. Another benefit that aerobics brings is strengthening the heart. All the workouts are being done whilst listening to music.


For the aerobics training please book your spot beforehand.

Fitness Room

Fitness is a pleasant activity that doesn’t require too much effort. There is a Fitness instructor available, and together you will train and thus maintain your health state for a longer period of time. Depending on your physical condition, the trainer will find ideal exercising styles for you.


Our Fitness room is fully equipped with modern exercising gear so you can better enjoy your experience and see results!

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