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The conference room has 100 seats and comes fully equipped with modern facilities needed for your event. We will offer you a video projector, a Flip chart, a projection screen, coffee break services and varied menus. Upon further request, the tables will be arranged depending on your needs. During break times, you can admire the beautiful Bucegi Mountains.


We strive to offer you the best experience when organising your event. Team buildings, management meetings, workshops, project meetings, we are by your side. Book your perfect event room now!

Team building

We also organise team buildings. Our Hotel has 32 rooms with a capacity of 75 beds, which can be incremented by 16 additional beds. There is also a conference room available, a fitness club, sauna, archery, pool game, table tennis, Remi, movie watching, plus other outdoor activities, such as hiking trips or simple walks in nature.


We offer you our varied menu and coffee break services. Upon further request we ca arrange the tables depending on the type of event organised.


We offer you the perfect place for your wedding! Feel free to choose the perfect event room depending on the number of seats that you would like. Also, depending on the budget, you can choose one of our menus for an unforgettable evening!


Upon request, we can arrange the event room depending on your wishes.

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Christenings can be one of the most beautiful moments in the life of any person, and we would like to help you organise your perfect party! We have event rooms and terraces suitable for any type of Christening, and, depending on the time of the year, your party can be hosted on the terrace, where we can offer you a buffet.


We can offer you our fresh menus and also coffee break services. Upon further request we can arrange the tables to suit your needs.

Business Parties

Any leader knows that it’s employees are on the first place. Would you like to host a party for them? Max International has got the perfect rooms for any type of party. During summer time we can organise parties on the 2nd floor of the Resort, which has a beautiful view over the Bucegi Mountains.


We offer you varied menus and also a coffee break service, and, upon further request, the layout of the room can be arranged differently.

Birthdays and anniversaries

Depending on the number of your guests, we can offer you one of the three event rooms available here at Max International, the Club or one of the terraces. We also offer you a menu which comprises of the best Romanian and international dishes. All of these, for your unique, unforgettable party.


Upon further request, the layout of the tables in the room can be arranged differently.

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